We have been providing to our partners and customers consulting services since the year 2002 focusing particularly (but not only) on IT, process analysis amd process definition, change management, and feasibility studies.

We offer a wide range of services with the specialisation on the following key areas:

» IT Governance
» Portfolio change management
» IT service management
» Business process management
» Enterprise IT architecture
» Data fund transformation


This section covers consulting services with a well defined product that can be achieved within a relatively short time period (6 – 8 weeks).These are recommended especially to those customers, who are planning to divide their investments into a longer time period, and through these products they will obtain details for their planning.


Covers consulting services such as a project with a detailed description of outcome products and a realisation taking several months. These are recommended to those customers, who have decided for thorough and systematic IT service management.

When providing services and proposing solutions we make use of internationally respected and verified methodical frameworks, procedures, and standards. We are very well aware, however, that none of them is universal to such an extent, to be able to cover all possible requirements and situations that may arise in everyday practice.

For this reason we use their mutual combinations, modifications, and supplementations based on our own experience and specific needs of the customer. The result of this is an achievable synthesis in the form of a suitable solution, custom made for a specific client.