Dignitas ltd is a consulting company which has been active on the Slovak market since the year 2002. To its clients it provides services in the area of management of IT processes and IT services, management of programs and projects, and management of risks and changes. It also deals with designing IT systems architectures and transformation of data funds. Our company is trying to establish and maintain a prominent position on the market thanks to the knowledge of certified consultants and experience with the realisation of successful projects.


Gathering the best of knowledge and experience and integrating them into a complex whole.
Applying gained knowledge and experience into improving our clients lives.
Being a workplace where people find their own creative development and self-realisation.


The word DIGNITAS is of a Latin origin and expressed the ethical aspect of a person, the family, ancestors, reliability, deeds, abilities, knowledge, and the overall human value that really matters.

These values are respected and represented by the company Dignitas:

  • Pragmatic Idealism - we have a pragmatic attempt to be successful in measurable terms, however, our goal is much higher than just a profit at any price. Most of all, it is emphasising creative work and formation of knowledge relevant for practical life.
  • Movement and changes - despite having a stable ideology, we accept all professional and technical challenges as a way to self-improvement. The vision determines our direction and a stable core of the company, and at the same time the constant search shifts the limits of our possibilities and capabilities.
  • Revolutionary development - we set ourselves only the highest goals, which we are approaching by a gradual development with the emphasis on our own abilities, performance, and personality of every individual. We are conservative and at the same time accept ambitious goals because we are able to manage their risks.
  • Usefulness - we constantly focus on overall added value in lives of our clients, gathered information is put into complex wholes that are of a real significance and bring about measurable benefits.


Our company motto: „either I find the way or create one“ means that we are determined to cope with any situation that life may bring.